Bold Coast Runners

Downeast Maine and the Maritimes

Who we are: a welcoming, encouraging and supportive group of crazy people who run the roads and trails of way Downeast Maine, the Canadian Borderlands, and beyond. We welcome everyone, from beginners to old-timers and from tortoises to hares. We run distances ranging from 1 mile to 50 miles and on anything from smooth tar to rugged single track. If it's hot: we run, if it rains: we run, if it's snowy: we run in snowshoes, if icy: in spikes. We just run, mostly for fun, but some of us are also competitive!

Club Runs: most Sunday's at 7:00am somewhere in coastal Washington County or just over the border in Hancock County or Charlotte County, Canada (location and time set by group leader).

Other Runs: if you're running and want to invite others to join you members can send out a group message with time, date, place & details to

Races / Events: see "Local Events" for details. Club Members are eligible for event discounts: contact us for details at

Group Runs: (please note the RRCA guidelines regarding the Coronavirus below)

Sunday 24 May, 7:00am Devil's Head Conservation Area, near Calais: Meet at main parking lot: Eric leading: - the trails combined are about 5K so Eric is proposing doing one loop, coming back to the cars, and going back out for another loop. The trails are moderately technical with quite a bit of up and down. Some info here:

Sunday 31 May, 7:00am Catherine, Caribou, Black (& maybe Schoodic too) Mountains. Meet at the pull off on the Blackwoods Road at the top of Catherine Hill:

John leading the long run - a challenging 25K single track route with over 1,300 metres of elevation gain. Last time it took me just over 5 hours (4.5 hours moving)

Short run - only 16K with under 1,000 metres of elevation - you skip the descent to Donnell Pond and the climb up Schoodic

Bring hydration & nutrition as you need for this length of run.

RRCA guidelines:

  • Don’t show up if you are feeling ill or have flu-like symptoms.
  • Don't share fluids. Carry your own fluids to avoid contact with others on course.
  • Don't share towels, food, gels, or any other item that runners normally share freely.
  • Do wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after using the port-a-john.
  • Do not spit or “nose rocket” your nose in public – bring along tissues or a small towel or a good old-fashioned hanky if you need to get rid of some snot during the race.
  • Do practice social distancing - ensure appropriate spacing between runners; the current recommendation is at least six feet of separation. (addendum from Phil: pay attention to which way the wind is blowing and adjust accordingly for distancing, snot rockets, etc.)
  • Do avoid close-group selfies.

Past Event:

Annual General Meeting: For those who missed it the report is here:

As both beginners and long-timers we enjoy non-competitive weekly group activities hosted by individual members, as well as engaging in friendly competition and organizing and participating in local events, or travelling together to more distant events. We:

  • promote participation in active, human-powered, endurance-based outdoor sports, particularly running;
  • encourage, support and challenge each other as athletes and would be athletes of all ages and abilities;
  • organize weekly group training sessions;
  • promote and support existing races and events;
  • organize, and promote participation in, our own local events;
  • obtain discounted entry to some races for our members.