Fastest Known Times

Fastest Known Time (FKT)

Our Routes - What are they, who ran and how fast?


Adopted from Fastest Known Time and bent for BCR use

  • What is a BCR FKT?

    • BCR FKT is an archive of fastest known times for various routes, both on trail and road. We recognize everyone isn't on Strava chasing and creating segments.

  • Who can Submit route and time?

    • Bold Coast Runners in good membership standing. ie, paid annual dues and submitted waiver to club secretary.

  • How to establish a FKT?

    • Announce your intentions via Google Groups (, invite folks if you'd like, and submit FKT here!

  • I didn't set a new FKT or complete the route, can I still submit my attempt?

    • anyone who completes a route as announced and intended can submit their FKT. If you did not complete the course as intended do not make a submission via the form. Tell us about it though!

  • How are BCR FKT's displayed?

    • Bold Coast Runners will create a document for each route - listing route details, runner details and times listed in chronological order with newest first.

  • What about other activities like cycling, skiing, climbing, or swimming?

    • We love these activities, too, but we're currently focusing our efforts only on running and hiking

  • How should I record my time?

    • The time includes elapsed time from start to finish of the prescribed route, including all non-moving time. FKTs always count “elapsed time,” never “moving time”. Don't stop that watch and do turn on auto-pause.

  • How are times verified

    • BCR works on the honor system. Cheaters aren't welcome. Please submit course map via Strava, mapmyrun, Garmin Connect, google pedometer, or other mapping means.

  • What makes a route worthy of inclusion?

    • Ideally, the route has some interest & integrity, be it aesthetic, historical, or otherwise. For the purposes of BCR route must be unique, and repeatable by others at any time of the year.

  • Use of past run or hikes

    • Any run/hike as of July 1st, 2019 to present can be submitted. Historical run/hikes will be considered on a route by route basis.

  • Route Variations

    • Direction - Certain routes will be considered for separate variation ie. clockwise and counterclockwise

    • Laps - Skies the limit, include lap times in the nitty-gritty submission

    • Season -Summer is very different then the winter - include it in the nitty-gritty submission

  • Learn More about FKT - included as found in no particular order